Hi, I’m Bryan…

My name is Bryan Zug. I am a User Experience (UX) and DesignOps leader who is deeply involved in Seattle’s tech community. I’ve led teams at Zillow, Amazon, Techstars, and Children’s Hospital Stanford and am a co-founder of Ignite Seattle – the public speaking event where people gather to share diverse ideas, hear challenging stories, and build curious and open minded community.

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What gets me up in the morning?

Developing high performing & generous teams is my jam.

I love helping disparate tribes recognize the beauty in one another and collaborate toward creating things they could never do alone: designers and developers, pragmatists and dreamers, right anglers and curvers, bizdev and writers, skeptics and believers.

I give first to those around me, because I am forever in debt to those who gave first to me.

Maybe we can step into better stories

I live in Seattle with my amazing wife Jen, my daughter Ruthie, and my son Thomas. When not doing geek stuff, my family and I hang out with artful and thoughtful makers in urban Seattle – a muster of misfits who believe there are better stories out there than those dominated by darkness, entropy, sorrow, and tears – and anytime we find ourselves in a dead-end story, we have the freedom to leave it and step into a better one.